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About Gofamgo

Gofamgo is basically “Go, Fam(ily), Go”. We all know that your family members are the best travel buddies you can have. May it be your husband, your wife, your kids, or even your parents or siblings, a great time is almost always a guarantee when you travel with this bunch. Not to mention, the best memories you can have with your family is to travel somewhere new.

If you’re planning a trip with your family and want to know all of the tips and tricks to making it a great trip, Gofamgo got you covered. If you want to go to somewhere with your family and looking for ideas on how to go about it, this site will help you with that.

Good planning is the key to achieving that stress-free vacation. While being spontaneous is nice, not planning ahead might lead you and your family to miss out on things and to waste a lot of time during your trip. That is why this site was created: to share the tips for planning that dream vacation your family wants to have.

I am going to share with you all the things I learned from planning my family’s vacations.

About Yamkins

Gofamgo was created by Yamkins. After being the family’s go-to travel planner, she decided to compile all the information she learned so that other people could also plan their own trips successfully.

Yamkins’ approach to planning style involves lots of research, making sure everyone in the party has lots of fun while being flexible so that everyone can enjoy their family vacation.

Yamkins’ family (including her husband, son and the extended family) have enjoyed several family trips. They’re currently planning to travel to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida during fall of 2017.

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