Congratulations, Buddy Bagz Giveaway Winners

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Congratulations, Buddy Bagz Giveaway Winners

It’s been a great December week seeing all your favorite travel photos with your family and kids! So many fun and adorable photos that reminds me of the joy of traveling with the family. Thank you everyone who has participated in the contest.

Without further ado, here are the winners, in no particular order, of our Gofamgo Buddy Giveaway contest (you can read the details here) that we have hosted in partnership with Buddy Bagz.

Buddy Bagz Giveaway Winners

1. BusyMommasBlog

2. aliciaky112

3. deexterous

Ditch the stroller and use a baby carrier instead. The baby is going to be way more comfortable and you will be much faster at the airport, instead of having to search for elevators, you can hop on to the escalators. . . Carry a wheeled suitcase on board and a backpack with baby’s essentials. This will free up your hands. . . Wear clothes with pockets so your cell phone, passport, boarding passes are easily accessible. . . Read many more crucial points on surviving long-haul flights with a toddler. Link in bio 👆 . . . @motherhoodiscolorful #toddlerlife #travelingtoddler #longhaul #layover #simplyforflyingBRS17 @simplyforflying #loveforflying #lovefortravel #travelogue #travelingfamily @ourtribetravels #ourtribetravels #gofamgobuddygiveaway

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Congratulations to all of the winners! I hope your travels will be filled with more fun and cuddles with your new Buddy Bagz sleeping bags! These would be an awesome present to receive too by Christmas!

Everyone still wins! For a limited time until December 31, 2017, Buddy Bagz is giving away a 30% OFF Discount to everyone that uses the code: MYBUDDY30 . Head on to their online store and purchase Buddy Bagz – the Stuffable, Snuggable Kids Sleeping Bags for the little ones in your life! Andy loves his so much. Read our review here.

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