2017 Amazon Prime Day: Best Deals for Travel Gear

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2017 Amazon Prime Day: Best Deals for Travel Gear

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Amazon Prime Day is here! Prime Day is a one-day only global shopping event akin to Black Friday exclusively for Prime members.

Before you get to your shopping, make sure you’re a Prime member! If you are not a Prime member yet, you can try out the service for 30 days for free. You can click here to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial or click the banner below.

Your Amazon Prime membership continues until cancelled. If you are not happy with the service, you may cancel any time by visiting Your Account or continue with the service for $10.99/month + any taxes. Benefits of a membership include fast 2 day shipping for free, instant access to Amazon’s streaming service of music, movies and TV shows.

Without further ado, here are the deals we found that we are also looking into for our upcoming Walt Disney World trip. We would be focusing on gear that would be beneficial for being there especially photography gear. Pics or videos or it didn’t happen, right?

SD Cards – starts at $13.95

The Sandisk ULTRA SD and microSD cards are great for your HD family or vacation photos and videos. I have the 128GB in my cart for my Canon EOS 80D. Saves me time to switch between cards.

However, if you have a camera that shoots 4k ultra HD, you might want to look into Sandisk’s Extreme Pro line with faster write speeds than the Ultra line. These are also recommended for your Sony cameras like the Sony a5100, which my sister got to vlog for our Disney trip. This would be compatible for the Sony’s XAVC S video format. I bought some for my sister’s camera, our Sony FDR X-3000 and my Mom’s GoPro Hero 5 session. Yes, the family is all geared up with cameras. LOL.

GoPro Hero Session Bundle – $149

That’s a savings of $53. This adventure bundle comes with the GoPro Hero Session camera, GoPro Handler (Floating Grip worth $29.99), Samsung 32GB microSD 95MB/s U1 with adapter, and the AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro.

GoPro Hero Session with bundled accessories! Save a lot!

Cooling Towels

These are great for visiting Disney World or anywhere else that you’re planning to be staying out in the hot sun. Ready and easy to use, just wet with water, wring and you’re set! Even if you’re not traveling, these are great for yoga or when you’re out playing sports.

Amazon Fire Tablet with Kid-Proof Case – starts at $69.99

Are we there yet? These will keep your lil ones occupied during those layovers and long transits. This is currently on sale starting at $69.99 which already includes the tablet itself and a kid-friendly case. Put their favorite apps and movies and you will regain part of your sanity during the vacation.

Portable Power – starts at $12.75

One of the inconveniences of traveling is running out of battery for your mobile phone or laptops. Good enough, there are several good solutions for this issue. Get Dad a portable power bank that he could use as a spare battery. Some are even weather-proof and shock-proof for Dad’s rugged adventure.

Travel Lap Tray – $20.77

Great for those long road trips and keeping your kids occupied with snacks and activities in the back seat. Don’t be burdened with another bag, since your child can carry this as a messenger bag; take this portable laptop tray anywhere: car, plane, bus or stroller.

Road trip activities made easier by this lap tray!

Don’t forget to sign up for Prime Membership to get these deals. Have fun shopping!

We would love to hear what deals you found during Prime Day 2017. Share in the comments below!







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