Visit these affordable romantic destinations in America

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One of the beaches in lovely Roatan Island, Honduras. Photo courtesy of Melinda Clayville.

Visit these affordable romantic destinations in America

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Ah, romance. You immediately think roses, fancy dinners, boxes of chocolates, splurging on your significant others. Most often than not, romantic destinations associate with an expensive excursion to exotic places to sweep a special someone off their feet. Thank goodness, romance and affordability are not mutually exclusive.

Choosing an affordable romantic destination is hard. February is coming up and before you book your next romantic getaway, see these recommendations by travel bloggers. They have seen the world. Now, they are sharing ideas on destinations that they think you and your loved ones will enjoy.

These bloggers talk about how you can enjoy these places without having to break a dime.

This will be a first of a series of affordable romantic destinations. This article will feature destinations from the North and South American continents. When you are done, you can check out our suggestions in the European and African regions.

  1. Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
  2. Nevis Island, West Indies
  3. Roatan, Honduras
  4. Rio Dulce, Guatemala
  5. Damascus, Virginia, USA
  6. Salinas, Ecuador

North America

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Recommended by Kelsey Ohleger of Kelsey Social

Warm weather, deserted beaches, crystal clear water and cotton candy sunsets are a few of the things that make Vieques Island such a romantic destination. The Island is located off the coast of mainland Puerto Rico and offers some of the Caribbean’s most picturesque and unoccupied beaches. Arrive at the island by a small propeller plane or take the ferry. Once there, pick up a rental jeep 4×4 so you and your partner can discover every secluded beach on the 21-mile stretch of the island. Many have quiet coves with colorful reefs for snorkeling; most never see more than a few visitors at a time. One evening, book a kayak tour to paddle through the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. Watch the water light up as you kayak under the stars.

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Floating Around in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Ohleger.

Floating Around in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Ohleger.

Best Place to Stay: Villa Coral is a great value at USD 89 per night for a standard room and USD 185 for a 2 bedroom apartment. It is located in the Esperanza area where most activities on the island are. It offers free wifi and parking for its amenities.

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Nevis, West Indies

Recommended by Stehli Krause of Mommy and Kid Travel

Looking for a cozy little island in the heart of the Caribbean?  Then charming Nevis is your answer. Nevis is the smaller and more intimate sister island of neighboring St Kitts, packing a ton of fun into her tropical 36 square miles. There’s outstanding dining, romantic properties, deserted beaches, a top-notch golf course, snorkeling, and an awesome beach bar. Thankfully, cruise ships pass Nevis by so you won’t find duty free shops or pushy jewelry salespeople.  Nevis is a carefree destination where you can re-connect and kick back while enjoying local fare and a Killer Bee from Sunshine’s, that awesome beach bar mentioned earlier!

Fight the urge to spend your entire time lounging on the beach and explore the island’s quirky capital of Charlestown or take a rainforest tour or a horseback riding trip. If you’re a history buff, check out the home of Alexander Hamilton (yep, he was born in Nevis) or the various sugar mill ruins.

Do it all or do nothing! Nevis promises not to disappoint.

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Horseback Riding in Nevis Island. Photo courtesy of Stehli Krause.

Horseback Riding in Nevis Island. Photo courtesy of Stehli Krause.

Best Place to Stay: For a great romantic and budget-friendly place, try Oualie Beach Resort located by Lovers Beach. With prices starting at $151 per night, it’s one of the more affordable properties on the island.

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Roatan Island, Honduras

Recommended by Melinda Clayville of Traveling Outside-the-Box

For our 10th anniversary, my husband and I spent a week in Roatan, one of the Bay Islands, off the Atlantic Coast of Honduras. We stayed at a place named Hotel Chillies, which is tucked away from the main road through West End. There are hostel-style dorm beds available for the backpacking adventurers and jungle cabins that are perfect for a couple or small family. We stayed in a cabin, for about $25/night, and loved it! The cabin was minimal, yet comfortable, with wood-louvered windows that we opened to let in the cool, ocean breeze. At the main house, there is a large porch with hammocks and chairs, where we spent many evenings meeting other guests and using the free wi-fi. Just 100 yards out from Chillies is the world’s second largest barrier reef, which was unbeatable for snorkeling and scuba-diving. You can hire a taxi, catch a bus, or, like we did, rent a scooter to reach trail heads for hiking to untainted beaches and magnificent vistas, overlooking jungle and ocean. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, romantic, yet adventurous get-away, Hotel Chillies on Roatan, is the right place for you!

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One of the beaches in lovely Roatan Island, Honduras. Photo courtesy of Melinda Clayville.

One of the beaches in lovely Roatan Island, Honduras. Photo courtesy of Melinda Clayville.

Best Place to Stay: Another option from Hotel Chillies is Hotel Los Corales which is in the same area. It’s $50 per night for a guest room. Every room includes a balcony and free wifi.

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Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Recommended by Miguel of Travelsauro

Right in the heart of the Central American jungle, Rio Dulce is one of the most exotic and romantic destinations in Guatemala. There are several cool activities you won’t want to miss, like renting a kayak to visit a lagoon with manatees, taking a walk deep into the jungle, swimming in the river or just relaxing in a hammock.

Most lodges are located just before Rio Dulce Canyon, where huge cliffs emerge on both sides of the river. This beautiful canyon is surrounded by the thick forest, waterfalls, small villages and the sound of wild animals.

It’s the perfect destination to chill-out for a few days and disconnect from the real world, as there is no internet, T.V or other modern distractions. Most bungalows are simple but well-designed,
nicely-decorated and comfortable. There are no restaurants nearby, so all guests have their meals together at the lodge, sharing experiences and creating a nice atmosphere.

The boat from Rio Dulce town to the lodges costs around $20. The price for a nice two-people hut with garden is around $20-$30, while most meals at the lodge cost from $4 to $8.

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Kayaking in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Photo courtesy of Miguel, Travelsauro.

Kayaking in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Photo courtesy of Miguel, Travelsauro.

Best Place to Stay: The Dreamcatcher Eco Lodge will surely get you the most bang for your buck as it starts from $12 per night for dormitory type rooms. If you are looking for more privacy, the Hotel Catamaran which includes breakfast and wifi in the common area might be the one for you.

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Damascus, Virginia, USA

Recommended by Jessica of Magnets from Everywhere

My husband and I met, got married, and went for our honeymoon in Southwest Virginia. For me, it will always be a nostalgic place with many good memories, but even if you don’t have the same connection, this is a wonderfully romantic place to visit with your loved one.

To experience all the beauty and romance of the area and stick to a budget, make your way to Damascus. Damascus is known as “Trail Town USA” and regularly hosts hikers, bikers, and campers. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find some cozy accommodations in or around Damascus.

For things to do, look no further than the great outdoors! Hike-aways on the Appalachian Trail, rent a bike and ride from Whitetop Station all the way back to Damascus on a gentle downhill slope, visit Grayson Highlands and search for wild ponies, or just spend a relaxing afternoon picnicking and napping by the stream.

The springs can be stunning as the world starts to bloom, the summers are as green as anywhere in the world, and the autumn foliage attracts visitors from all over. If you want to beat the crowds though, Damascus is beautiful in winter and nothing could be as peaceful as taking a stroll through the woods when there is no one around for miles.

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South America

Salinas, Ecuador

Recommended by Scott & Hayley of International Hotdish

When it comes to beach towns in Ecuador, you’d be remiss if you avoided Salinas. Located 140 km west of Guayaquil, Salinas is an affordable resort town offering fresh seafood, nice accommodations, plenty of small shopping small stands, and beautiful beaches to lounge on.

Beautiful apartments can be had for $35 a night. You can eat fresh seafood every day without breaking the bank. Drinks are cheap and, wouldn’t you know it, the sunsets are fantastic. If you’re looking for somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the beautiful weather, and eat and drink like royalty, you should book your romantic getaway to Salinas, Ecuador.

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Beautiful panoramic view in Salinas, Ecuador. Photo courtesy of Scott and Hayley of International Hotdish.

Beautiful panoramic view of Salinas, Ecuador. Photo courtesy of Scott and Hayley of International Hotdish.

Best Place to Stay: Greenfield’s Hotel is located near the city center and offers free breakfast, free wifi, and free parking for USD67 per night. Plenty of beachfront apartments are available to rent with rates starting at USD 30 until USD 100 per night. Search and book through here and get a USD 40.00 credit (that’s almost a free night or half off) from Airbnb!

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Final Thoughts

There are definitely plenty of ways to celebrate togetherness and the love with your significant other (or yourself)! It is healthy, once in a while, to spend some time alone from the kids. Rekindle the amore you and and your special someone share. Do you have any more suggestions of an affordable romantic destination in America? How do you spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one? Share with us in the comments!

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    what a fun list! sometimes the romatntic places get jacked up in cost. for our 5 year anniversary we stayed back at at the hotel we stayed at where we got married. the sentimental value trumped the fact that it was just a local hotel!

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