4 Ways to Make Your Next Family Road Trip Fun for Parents

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Make Your Next Family Road Trip Fun for Parents Too

4 Ways to Make Your Next Family Road Trip Fun for Parents

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A family road trip should be fun for all. While planning entertaining activities for the kids, remember to fit in parent-friendly events too. Integrate a few of these ideas into your trip to make your next family vacation enjoyable for the whole group.

Plan Shared and Solo Entertainment

While it’s fun to enjoy family road trip time together in games such as “I Spy” or listening to music everyone enjoys, also equip yourselves with individualized entertainment. After hours on the road, the kids can indulge in plugging into their favorite music or playing a personal game while parents get to enjoy an audiobook or podcast.

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Take Breaks

Plan events where both kids and parents can get lost in separate activities. You might be able to find a museum with a kids section or an activity where the little ones can safely spend an hour while parents have the chance to read and slowly enjoy exhibits. Or maybe there is a yoga studio or spa on your route that also offers childcare.

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Don’t Skimp on Scenery

One of the top benefits of a road trip is seeing the countryside. Don’t cheat yourself out of this by only following the main highways. Plan some scenic detours, even if they add some extra time and mileage. This will give everyone the opportunity to see interesting landscapes and provide ongoing entertainment to parents in the front seats. The mindless act of staring out the window and taking in the surroundings is relaxing, and underscores the fact that you are on an adventure.

Make Time for Each Other

While you are away from the normal demands of home life, create a mini “date night” or “date hour” whenever you can during your trip. This might mean spending an hour or two together with a bottle of wine on your hotel balcony after the kids have gone to bed. Or, if you have older kids who can safely be left alone, take an early morning walk near your home base. Carving out just a little bit of private time will feel like a sweet indulgence within the family vacation.


When planning your next family road trip, it does not have to be all about the kids. Include some enjoyable events for the parents to make it a true family vacation.


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