You Need This Kids Play Tray for Your Next Family Trip

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Using a Kid Tray Organizer in the plane

You Need This Kids Play Tray for Your Next Family Trip

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“Are we there yet?”

As most parents know too well, children require a multitude of activities to keep them occupied during lengthy road / air trips.

Thankfully, the guys at Travel Me have the perfect travel accessory for their short attention spans, and it’s called the Kids Play Tray. The product is an activity tray, spacious bag and car organizer rolled into one.

We were lucky to be sent a sample of the Kids Play Tray just before we left for Walt Disney World.

First Impression

Kids Play Tray on a Suitcase

Kids Play Tray on a Suitcase

We were very impressed with how vibrant the colors are. Our son was very excited to unbox it. We chose the blue and red variant but there is also a pink option.

The bag is well made but at times feels overly complicated for a children’s bag. Its construction has a zipper that overlaps itself to reveal even more storage inside. Often leaving my husband confused about how to access the inside pouch vs the main activity area. We also noticed a strong plastic smell coming from the bag initially, presumably from the foam inside which gives it it’s rigid strength that will surely hold up to any child’s aggressive coloring.


Plenty of storage space especially if your items are mostly flat. We could put his activity books, crayons, iPad and snacks in it and it still retained its form. It has loads of pockets of various sizes to fit all his knick- knacks. There is also a deep cup container which can conveniently hold a Disney World tumbler. Some of his sippy cups don’t fit but those same ones don’t fit in his stroller holders either.

Among the six large mesh pockets, there are two removable mesh pockets that hang on the side of the bag.


Adequately priced for its several functions and quality. When I received this to review, the kids play tray costs around $35.


Kids Play Tray on a Stroller

Kids Play Tray on a Stroller

  1. Lots of space
  2. Long adjustable strap to attach to backseat, stroller or on top of luggage
  3. Multi-functional use – storage bag, activity tray, backseat organizer
  4. Waterproof and rust resistant material
  5. Deep cup container
  6. Vibrant colors with two combinations to choose from
  7. Raised wall sides to avoid spill and messes
  8. Touch friendly iPad or tablet pocket


  1. Packaging odor seems to stay after a few months presumably from being sealed and zipped
  2. Zippers within zippers


We will be bringing this to us in our trips including daily driving elsewhere! We recommend this to families to keep their kiddos occupied and organized! This product is a great present and is included in our gift guide for young travelers.

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